String Functions

Function Description CHAR(N) Returns the the string representation of the
number N.
CHAR_LENGTH(S) Returns the length of a string.
CONCAT(S1, S2) Concatenates S1 with S2.
SUBSTR(S, I, L) Returns a substring of S, starting at index I of lenght L.
LOWER(S) Returns the lowercase representation of S.
UPPER(S) Returns the uppercase representation of S.
TRIM(S) Removes spaces from the beggining and and of S.
Removes spaces at the begging (right) or end (left) of S.

Date and Time Functions

Function Description CURDATE()
Returns the system’s current date/time.
Converts a string representation of a date/time into into a
date/time value.
DAY(D) Returns the day(1-31) from the date D.
WEEK(D) Returns the week (1-54) from the date D.
MONTH(D) Returns the month (1-12) from the date D.
YEAR(D) Returns the year from the date D.
DAYOFWEEK(D) Returns the week day (1-7) from the date D where 1 is Sunday.
DAYOFWEEK_ISO(D) Returns the week day (1-7) from the date D where 1 is Monday.
DAYOFYEAR(D) Returns the number of the day, in a year (1-366).
HOUR(T) Returns the hour (0-24) from the time T.
MINUTE(T) Returns the minute from the time T.
SECOND(T) Returns the second from the time T.
MICROSECOND(T) Returns the microsecond from the time