Everything you wanted to know about LANSA Propagation but was afraid to ask

LANSA propagation is for the Visual LANSA environment so the IDE’s on everyone’s PC will have the new objects that your co-workers have created or modified and have been promoted.

Using “LANSA PCMAINT” you can see the PC’s that are being used for LANSA’s VL IDE, some may be very old and can be removed.

There is an option to use WorkGroups, which are for smaller teams that need to be in sysnc with each other but not all the developers.  I can’t think of a reason to use this, so you should be able to leave this blank.

Now Repository Groups are so that any PC in this group will be propagated too.  This is where you add PC Nodes for Propagation.

So you have added all your PC’s to the Repository Group and created a new field on your IDE and checked it in, AND PROPAGATION STILL DOES NOT WORK?


Think of Propagation assignments like creating a TASK on the iseries, in order for your PC to get Propagated your need to do a SYSTEM INITIALIZATION.

Makes sense, would have been nice to see this in the Docs.


Another way to see who on your team is ignoring you and still has not initialized their IDE, you can look at DC@FPP in the interal LANSA Data base.



select * from dc@fpp

BOSSERB01      DEV                 002001ZZZMAM



See you at the Next LANSA Conference.









For a model b configuration with a PC server, I recently found out that when you run the X_CPU.exe utility, the selection of a NIC card to use to generate the CPU text file will point your LANSA configuration to that NIC card.

Normally I go with the first NIC card I see when no information is provided, upon hearing that CPU not found in database I thought maybe try the 2nd nic card.

This generates a LANSA WEBSERVER IS NOT LICENSED error page.

Now you know.