What is LANSA?

Mark Mason is looking for LANSA WorkLANSA is an integrated family of highly productive design, development and maintenance products for multi-platform host and network applications. This family of products provides an extremely flexible application development environment where a developer can use a single skill set to build and deploy applications for the iSeries, Windows or Internet environments.LANSA’s powerful Repository-based 4GL has enabled developers to quickly deploy applications across computing boundaries and across computing paradigms. A simple recompile can transform a host-centric iSeries application using RPG/ILE into a client/server Windows application using C/C++ or a browser-based, Internet application using HTML and Java servlets. Developer productivity and ease-of-use are LANSA trademarks. For years, developers have enjoyed the benefits of LANSA’s Rapid Development and Maintenance Language (RDML) which insulated them from low-level languages and platform complexities. RDML can build iSeries applications, graphic event-driven Windows applications and Web applications. The LANSA Active-Object Repository provides a centralized application definition and platform independent database architecture. This powerful combination has protected companies’ information technology investments for over 10 years.LANSA was the first iSeries development tool to fully embrace the Internet and Web technology. LANSA for the Web has allowed developers to construct Internet, Intranet and Extranet applications. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of people using LANSA Web-based applications in retail, health care, insurance, manufacturing, government, communications and in many other industry sectors.